Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
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Teens baked grandfather's ashes into cookies for classmates, police say

Teens baked grandfather's ashes into cookies for classmates, police say

The teenage bakers then revealed their grisly ingredients to shocked youngsters at Da Vinci Charter Academy, west of Sacramento, California.

Whether the claim was true or a prank is part of the ongoing investigation, as are conflicting reports regarding whether any of the students were aware of the claim before consuming the cookies, Doroshov said.

Knox said the girl, who was not identified by authorities, previously offered him some ashes if he swapped desks with another student in their class.

"And I was really, I was kind of horrified", he said.

Authorities tell PEOPLE that the odd story seems legitimate, but it's hard to know for sure.

"This is so unconventional, it would take more research".

"We regret that this story has been taken up by the media", he also wrote. When Doroshov was queried as to whether the allegation was true, he sighed, "Yeah". "Am I 100 percent sure?"

"The story circulating in the media is something on which I can not comment, but let me be clear that there is no health risk to our campus or to any one of our students", Millsap said.

According to Fox40, the unnamed girl is believed to have given the baked goodies to nine students at Da Vinci Academy school in California. "I'm trying to keep a straight face while talking to you".

So far, the cookies have yet to be tested in a laboratory.

"I can say everyone is cooperating", he said.

The cookies were found to be sugar cookies brought to school by a student.

Their relationship is unclear, but the girls are not siblings and the deceased man was the grandfather of only one of them, he said. Any explanation would be a guess and it was unlikely linked to Halloween, which was weeks away at the time.

"This recent case has been particularly challenging", Clayton added.

The school is handling the investigation, while the school resource officer is assisting with any additional resources needed, Davis police told ABC News.

The principal and district declined interview requests from Fox 40.

Police do not intend to file any charges.

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