Published: Wed, October 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Comes To Minneapolis

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Comes To Minneapolis

Roberts reminded the audience that politicians speak for the people who elected them but the Court does not. Kavanaugh denied the allegations, none which could be corroborated by those named as witnesses, leading many feminist activists and critics of his judicial philosophy to ramp up protests.

"It's a small thing, perhaps, but it is a repeated reminder that, as our newest colleague put it, we do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle, we do not caucus in separate rooms, we do not serve one party or one interest, we serve one nation".

Bracciale, who uses they/them pronouns, said that the shop will gather graveyard dirt and coffin nails for the hex, as well as photos and effigies of Kavanaugh.

He tries not to read commentary about the court's work, unless it's something "thoughtful" from the legal community.

Asked about the court's light workload - they've accept about half as many cases as past courts - he said he'd like to do more.

Speaking at an event hosted by The Heritage Foundation, the senator from SC recalled that when he first saw Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees, "I said, 'Thank God, ' because I thought he might, like, pick Judge Judy".

He speculated that easy online access to past cases has made disagreements among the lower courts increasingly rare.

In a clip flagged by the NTK Network, Waters told Black Hollywood Live that those feeling dejected about Kavanaugh should remember that times will get better.

Roberts said he aimed to "make a particular point accessible".

Roberts noted that he quoted Dylan's written lyrics, leaving out the "ain't" that the artist adds when he sings it.

The ritual is organized by a Brooklyn-based practitioner named Dakota Bracciale, who also conjured up three events to hex President Trump previous year, according to The Huffington Post.

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