Published: Mon, October 15, 2018
Sports | By Juana Wells

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady favored for record 56th straight game

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady favored for record 56th straight game

"Coach stressed it all week, if you get in 1-on-1 situations you gotta win, so that was my mindset", said White.

That conclusion should have been self-evident.

The Patriots may have gotten past the officiating, but they can't get past Twitter detectives.

The "yeah, buts." and laments about which guy sucks, what play call was stupid and how this team won't be winning Super Bowls playing like that usually come raining down. They made a great comeback in the second half but ultimately came up just short.

A franchise in the autumn of its years at the top, rolling up its sleeves at crunch time and using a whole lot of Dad strength to subdue the latest wannabe. He got punt-viced on some of his routes, literally just running into two bodies.

It used to be the same here.

"It's just the risk we've got to take now", said Speaks, a rookie, second-round pick out of Mississippi.

But we're a little jaded now.

"We played really well at times". Boom! Tie game, 40-40. The Patriots extended their lead to 24-9 when Michel ran in for a 1-yard touchdown at 2:00 of the second quarter.

Brady's touchdown run gave New England a 37-33 lead.

Tom Brady needed everything he had to fend off Patrick Mahomes - including his legs. And so did Brady after we spent more than a week marveling at the arm and composure of Mahomes. "We'll get it all figured out here pretty soon".

Not all the dirty details, but the fact that both teams would go up and down the field on each other.

In the grand scheme of things this play doesn't matter.

But we also learned that Mahomes has it in him to rebound on the road against a dynasty. The Chiefs defense was trying to stop the greatest quarterback of all time on a last minute drive with a bunch of defensive backs that weren't even supposed to be on this team going into the season.

It's nearly unbelievable to think that just 13 months ago Mahomes was in the very same corner of this locker room, but back then he was a rookie, a back-up, still an unknown commodity to most of the NFL. The greatest quarterback the sport has ever seen, Tom Brady, beat the greatest quarterback of the league's pass-happy 2018 season, Mahomes.

If I was Brett Veach I would be on the phone tomorrow to try and get some safety or linebacker help.

"I think we have a lot of clutch players", Brady said. "We can take this loss. They made more plays then we did". Let's get to the good, the bad, and the downright ugly from the Chiefs' loss to the Patriots. I don't care if it's 3-0 or 43-40.

"I would vote for Gronk 100 times out of 100", Brady said. The way this team works, the way this team prepares. You know, I still think we missed some opportunities out there, but made some situational plays when we needed it, the short-yardages - you know, we really lost the game a year ago on some short yardages, and I thought we were pretty good in it tonight.

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