Published: Thu, October 11, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Trump signs bills on day of Kanye West's visit

Trump signs bills on day of Kanye West's visit

On Thursday afternoon, President Trump signed the Music Modernization Act (a bill aimed at getting songwriters, publishers, and producers fairer pay) into law, and he did so surrounded by a who's who of his very best rock and country friends. Brown, a civil rights leader, has met Trump previously.

The meeting that will take place at the White House this week between Trump and Ye is said to concern topics of social issues like prison reform, employment in the manufacturing industry and gang violence.

"It's not so locked up anymore, you know, because I'm producing numbers that they were never able to produce", said Trump, who has repeatedly claimed the jobless rate among African-Americans has decreased during his presidency.

Stay tuned for more news on Kanye West's White House visit.

A year later, West visited the then president-elect at Trump Tower in NY in December 2016.

West launched into his 10-minute soliloquy that touched on his decision to wear the MAGA hat on the set of "Saturday Night Live", his bi-polar diagnosis and being part of the extended Kardashian family. Asked if he would consider campaigning with the rapper, Trump said, "I could see it".

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and musician Kanye West at Trump Tower in New York City on Dec 13, 2016. Supporters of West's music have described him as a political sellout.

Trump spoke about the meeting during a Wednesday interview with Shannon Bream on Fox News.

"It's very unfair to African-Americans it's very unfair to everybody".

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