Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Was Khashoggi sent to Istanbul by Embassy in DC?

Was Khashoggi sent to Istanbul by Embassy in DC?

On its part, Riyadh has told Turkey to undertake vigorous investigations to unearth the case and may even search the Consulate premises for incriminating evidence.

The Washington Post on Friday blanked out his column in support.

The Washington Post reports a Turkish investigation has revealed that a group of about 15 Saudi men traveled to Istanbul to kill Khashoggi as he visited the consulate.

According to pro-government daily Sabah, the team arrived in Istanbul on two private planes, one which landed after 0300H (0000 GMT) on Tuesday while the second plane landed around 1700H (1400 GMT) after Khashoggi entered the consulate.

Saudi Arabia has denied the accusations, saying it is "working to search for him".

Jeremy Hunt has warned Saudi Arabia that "friendships depend on shared values" after questioning the country's ambassador over the disappearance of a journalist.

The source further said that the interrogators later dismembered his body and the Saudi nationals took interrogation video with themselves to brief Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on his death, the source said. "We will not spare any effort to locate him, just as we would if it were any other Saudi citizen".

"What we do care about is Jamal's wellbeing, and revealing the truth about what occurred".

There is, unfortunately, no Arabic word for chutzpah, since such an egregious act would undoubtedly have required the brash 33-year-old prince's authorization or acquiescence.

But the disappearance of the journalist, however prominent, may not affect President Trump's bet on the Saudi heir to the throne. His foreign policy moves have been extremely aggressive, including his military support of the government in Yemen against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and nearly going to war with Qatar due to their support of the Iranian regime. Khashoggi condemned that war, arguing that the kingdom was becoming morally indistinguishable from Syrian president Bashar Assad and the Iranians in helping continue the civil wars in Syria and Yemen. Though Riyadh has accepted some reforms recently-women there are finally allowed to drive and to work outside the home-the government has also overseen a renewed crackdown on free speech, and particularly on dissent against the government. The kingdom has a long history of abducting critics from overseas, and MBS has doubled down on such intimidation. It says seven were imprisoned there last year and nine this year. "But it seems clear that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman feels emboldened by the Trump administration's unquestioning support". Donald Trump commented on the disappearance in his press conference yesterday, saying "I do nor like it" and expressing hope that the issue will "sort itself out". That's not good enough.

Riyadh's envoy in Ankara was first called to the ministry on Wednesday. "Don't you have cameras and other things?"

"Bad stories", said Mr Trump.

"The request that America made to Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries is to be sure that if there is any loss of supply from Iran, that we will supply that". Such gestures forge stronger economic and strategic ties. "I do not like it", he told reporters at the White House.

Silence will not serve the long-term interests of either the prince or the Saudi kingdom.

A former newspaper editor in Saudi Arabia and adviser to its former head of intelligence, Khashoggi left the country a year ago saying he feared retribution for his criticism of Saudi policy in the Yemen war and its crackdown on dissent.

Erdogan promised to follow up personally on the case of Khashoggi, whom he referred to as "a journalist and a friend".

In March, the State Department approved a $670 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia, part of a promised $110 billion in deals touted by Trump after his first presidential trip to the Saudi capital past year. I anxious about my family.

He explained the outcome of the Kingdom's fight against extremist ideology and terrorism. "We Saudis deserve better".

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