Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Susan Collins Kavanaugh vote angers liberal activists

Susan Collins Kavanaugh vote angers liberal activists

Collins was viewed as a potential swing vote for a Supreme Court nominee whose path to confirmation was shaken by sexual misconduct allegations made by three women including Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of trying to rape her when he was in high school. The page was created before the moderate Republican from ME announced her decision on the Senate floor Friday.

"This vote is a complete betrayal of ME voters, of the women who have called her offices, and written letters, and organized phone banks, and attended rallies, and told their very deeply painful stories to her and her staff". Kavanaugh showed himself to be a severe partisan, and Collins, in effect, endorsed that partisanship when she voted to put him on the Supreme Court.

Susan Rice, who was national security adviser under President Barack Obama, is being mentioned as a possible challenger after tweeting "me" when asked who'd challenge Collins.

Crowdpac tweeted that it's secured pledges for more than $3 million for Collins' future opponent.

The FBI conducted a supplemental investigation into Kavanaugh's background but found no one who could corroborate her account. According to a new report from Planned Parenthood, 25 million US women of reproductive age "are poised to lose access to abortion immediately if Kavanaugh is the fifth vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade".

With Collins voting yes, Kavanaugh's confirmation is all but certain.

During her October 5 speech, Collins claimed that Kavanaugh "will work to lessen the divisions" in the U.S. But during his angry, bitter diatribe before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27, Trump's nominee hardly sounded nonpartisan.

Collins said today that crowdsourced funding targeting her was tantamount to "a bribe, or extortion".

Upon her arrival in her home state, the newspaper reported, "Police escorted her off the flight separate from other passengers after it landed at Bangor International Airport, avoiding about 20 protesters at the airport terminal".

'I have reservations about this vote, ' he said in a statement, but 'based on all the information I have available to me, including the recently completed Federal Bureau of Investigation report, I have found Judge Kavanaugh to be a qualified jurist who will follow the Constitution and determine cases based on the legal findings before him'. "He perhaps needs to withdraw, "' she said.

"I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant", she told CNN's "State of the Union" in an interview scheduled to air on Sunday. "And I know it for a fact because I spoke with her, she didn't stop".

Now, Halsted said, Collins' constituents are "ready to support a senator from Maine who is going to stand up for Mainers and do what's right for the country, regardless of political party-and I think people realize Susan Collins is not that senator". "I think it's the end of whatever legacy she has worked so hard to achieve as a moderate", Amy Halsted, co-director of Maine People's Alliance, which helped start the fundraiser, told Rolling Stone. "That's what I did in this case", she said.

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