Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
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Microsoft Responds to October 2018 File Deletion Concerns

Microsoft Responds to October 2018 File Deletion Concerns

One of the more serious issues being reported is major data loss, as large quantities of files that would normally appear in the User folder are missing. By the way, are not destroyed Ira's and media files and important documents, spreadsheets. The October 2018 Update, in my experience, has been one of the more unstable feature updates for the OS in the recent times, and the latest incident just proves that yet again.

Apparently, such incidents had been reported by the testers of Windows 10 update (version 1809). The upgrade to Windows 10 in October, was suspended indefinitely. The update was only available to Windows 10 users who actively sought it out by running the Windows Update utility, or who downloaded it directly from Microsoft's website. It will be advisable for users to always do not forget to backup their files before any updates on any devices. With Windows 10 October 2018 update, Microsoft had been working for the better functioning of the Android and iOS devices.

The good news is that the files are actually still on the machine - they just aren't visible to the user profile that is being brought up after the upgrade. But rolling out an update that deletes massive amounts of user data with apparently no recovery option causes real harm to real people. The user took to Reddit and revealed that he is unable to locate the files after the update.

We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft's Windows 10 updates can often be a real headache. In this case specialists suggest to press the Back button and continue using your current version of Windows 10. Some of the data he was able to recover: a few months ago he did a backup, but the new files have been lost forever and frayed data Windows updates that came in the night in automatic mode. This new version of Windows comes with many changes and many improvements both visually and under the hood.

Customers including Rockwell Automation, Redback Technologies, and Johnson Controls are already using Microsoft's updated IoT capabilities.

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