Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

A Hong Kong store is already selling the Pixel 3 XL

A Hong Kong store is already selling the Pixel 3 XL

Google will reveal the Pixel 3, along with what is likely to be a slew of other hardware, beginning at 11 AM on October 9.

In the past few years, the search engine giant has moved into the hardware space with gusto in an attempt to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon with gadgets including smartphones and home speakers. However, ahead of the official launch, promotional material related to the newer devices has surfaced on the web.

This week it's Google's turn.

Google is set to launch its new set of smartphones on Tuesday at an event in New York City. Here's what to expect. It looks like the company finally used those clips as the latest video posted on Made by Google's official Twitter account shows popular YouTubers criticizing Google for leaks as well as the notch. That couldn't be more true, as 9to5google has the scoop on the Pixel 3's camera AI functions.

He has been a technology writer since more than five years. It seems that Google is doubling on its decision to replace Android with ChromeOS on tablets.

Google had challenges with their Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in terms of reliability with notably the "Blue Shift" issue affecting a number of screens on the Pixel 2 XL model a year ago. The phones will come in black or white and the white version could have a green power button, giving it a new look.

There are also talks of a design refresh of the camera app in an attempt to make the camera even smarter.

For photography, the new Pixel 3 series is expected to borrow camera specifications from the predecessor, as there is nothing much surprising in this department.

Several have noted that this could mean Google will enable connectivity with wireless headphones, or a controller, akin to a Roku remote - a feature that has reportedly been requested by users for a while now. Moreover, Google is also expected to add wireless charging to the Pixel devices for the first time.

From the photo above and Engadget's early hands-on, both Pixels will have dual-front facing cameras. A Smart TV Kit that will pack Chromecast and Google Home Mini into a single bundle is also expected. It runs Chrome OS, of course, which Google is ready to really push into the tablet form. There is no information on the exact size of the screen and resolution of the Pixel Slate.

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