Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
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Trump wins: Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court

Trump wins: Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court

Despite pressure from the left and members of the #MeToo movement, U.S. Sen.

Kavanaugh will be sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court on Saturday by Chief Justice John Roberts and the man he will replace, the Court's crucial swing vote, Anthony Kennedy.

While his accuser, Ford, a research psychologist at a California university, had written to her Congressional Representative with her allegations against Kavanaugh in July, it was publicised by the Democrats only in September after the Senate Judiciary Committee had grilled him and was about to vote on recommending his nomination to the entire Senate.

Some protesters rushed past barriers in front of the U.S. Capitol Saturday before the confirmation vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

"Instead of a 6-3 liberal Supreme Court under Hillary Clinton, we now have a 5-4 conservative Supreme Court under President @realDonaldTrump, cementing a tremendous legacy for the President and a better future for America".

But Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, claimed the confrontation would turn out to his party's advantage.

Regarding the decision not to ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation to interview Kavanaugh or Ford, McConnell said, "None of them wanted to do that".

At just 53 years old, Kavanaugh could conceivably serve on the court - now evenly divided between liberals and conservatives - for decades, tilting it to the right.

Kavanaugh will help take the highest US court to the right, perhaps for many years, and his confirmation is a bitter blow to Democrats already chafing at Republican control of the White House and both chambers of the US Congress. Jeff Flake of Arizona, followed by Republican Sen.

Christine Blasey Ford, a 51-year-old psychology professor, said Kavanaugh attacked her at a party 36 years ago in a suburban Maryland home when he was 17 and she was 15. "The democrats have become too extreme and too unsafe to govern", Trump said.

Republican and Democratic strategists expect Kavanaugh's nomination to galvanize their voters ahead of the midterm elections. Richard Blumenthal "Da Nang Dick" for his misrepresentation of his service in Vietnam on the trail in 2010, mocking him for his comments on television Friday about honesty in the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Before the sexual accusations grabbed the Senate's and the nation's attention, Democrats had argued that Kavanaugh's rulings and writings as an appeals court judge raised serious concerns about his views on abortion rights and a president's right to bat away legal probes.

Even as Kavanaugh took his oath of office Saturday evening in a quiet private ceremony, not long after the narrowest Senate confirmation in almost a century and a half, protesters chanted outside the court building across the street from the Capitol. They chanted, "Vote them out!"

In a floor speech later on Friday, Murkowski expressed sympathy for both Ford and Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh forcefully and tearfully denied the accusations in a fiery opening statement and was openly hostile toward Democrats as they questioned him about the alleged assault and his drinking habits.

"We will be ill-served in the long run if we abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be", she said.

Yet Kavanaugh's path to confirmation seemed unfettered until Ford and two other women emerged with sexual misconduct allegations from the 1980s.

Repeatedly during the Senate debate, Republicans accused Democrats of staging a "smear" campaign against Kavanaugh to prevent a conservative becoming a Supreme Court justice.

I also thank Judge Kavanaugh's family for remaining strong in what has been a hard time personally, they all reflect the character of true public service.

With Kavanaugh taking a seat on the bench, the court is now majority conservative.

Bush called a number of senators in recent weeks, and had several conversations with Collins to reassure the key Republican vote about Kavanaugh's character and temperament, a person familiar with the matter said.

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