Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Nintendo Has Patented a Functional GameBoy Case For Smartphones

Nintendo Has Patented a Functional GameBoy Case For Smartphones

Since the invention of smartphones, the phone case industry has been developing all types of cases, including ones that look like the first Game Boy.

Nintendo will have to overcome technical challenges as smartphone cases are model specific.

Apart from the dimensions, this case has a few differences from the original Game Boy.

Below the cutout is a D-pad which lies to the left of the case while two individual buttons reside on the right-hand side followed by two more buttons at the center below them which is reminiscent of the "start" and "select" keys we usually see on consoles.

An investigation of Siliconera discovered that Nintendo filed a patent in the United States in March of this year related to a housing with Game Boy design that could be used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, although the information only refers to its use in electronic devices. When the case is closed, it would limit the view to the classic Game Boy screen and the buttons would be fully usable with the touch screen.

Although the patent images show only a mobile device, the product description indicates that the case may not be intended exclusively for this objective. Towards the bottom, you can see familiar action buttons, and the navigation buttons same as what you would find on the Game Boy.

The Game Boy case would open up to the full phone screen on the right side. However, a recent patent filed by Nintendo hints at an exciting future for smartphone gaming.

It's also worth noting that Nintendo patents technology and products all the time which never make it to market, so it is possible the Game Boy case never leaves the company's R&D department. "Pokemon Go" was a global phenomenon when it launched in July 2016 and "Fire Emblem Heroes" has grossed more than $400 million worldwide since its launch in February 2017. Today we're not talking about a 3rd-party case, but a Nintendo official case.

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