Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google Assistant Now Helps Hail Rides

Google Assistant Now Helps Hail Rides

Google has revealed a new feature for Google Assistant: providing information from ride-sharing services.

The feature is also available on the iPhone along with most of the smart speakers that get built-in support for Google Assistant. Now, according to Google, you can say: "Hey Google, book a ride to the Bluebird Café", or "Hey Google, get me a taxi to Denver International Airport", and the app will then present you with a list of popular ride services, their estimated prices and even average wait times.

Google (GOOG -3.1%)(GOOGL -3.2%) Assistant can now compare ride-hailing prices at Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT) then summon the vehicle.

OK Google, book a ride to Melbourne Airport.

Google has been lately launching a whole lot of updates and it seems that it is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Two years ago the Google Assistant made its debut, and since then we've noticed that almost half of all interactions with the Assistant include both voice and touch. The complete list of the operators has not been released yet. You will now be able to see your favourite ride-hailing services at one place and pick the one which suits you the best. Google said that this new feature will be activated on Thursday. Tapping on an option will take you right into Uber or Lyft to show you pricing and exact wait times for drivers.

The feature will be available to English language speakers in all the countries where one of the above mentioned ride service companies operate.

Go ahead, ask your Assistant to help you look up your favorite musician, send a quick text message, check out the weather or control your lights-it's now easier than ever to Make Google Do It. As a bonus, the Google Login API that's accessible to developers on mobile platforms is now accessible in Assistant experiences, meaning that a developer can simply pull account information from a user's Google account if they're logged on, in order to populate account information for that experience, rather than having to either create a unique login system or use OAuth to access Google accounts.

Along with the visual rich design Google is also making its old feature, "Google Now" easily accessible for the users.

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