Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
Business | By Eloise Houston

U.S. says China wants to kick Trump out of the White House

U.S. says China wants to kick Trump out of the White House

Washington has long identified China as a major culprit in the cyber hacking of US government and corporate databases but USA officials and independent analysts say they have not detected the kind of systematic manipulation of social media and hacking of emails that Russian Federation is alleged to have engaged in during the 2016 election, which Trump won.

Vice President Mike Pence left his audience stunned during a speech to the Hudson Institute Thursday morning accusing the Chinese government of an "unprecedented effort" to undermine American democracy by operating "front groups" and propaganda outlets.

Neither Trump nor Pence provided hard evidence of Chinese meddling.

Chris Johnson, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst and China expert now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington, said Pence's speech appeared aimed at building a narrative that a vote for the Democrats would be vote for China.

Analysts with the Eurasia Group consultancy noted that the charges of Chinese meddling are largely unsubstantiated and could allow Trump to distract from the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico, and Kamala Harris, D-California - does not probe a detail volunteered by Pence today - that a senior career intelligence official told him Russia's activities "pale in comparison" to China's efforts to interfere in American domestic affairs. China responded with $60bn in tariffs on American products.

"The more open tone of confrontation from Pence will strengthen the perception in China that the ultimate USA objective in the [trade] dispute is to contain China's rise", the group's analysts led by Asia director, Michael Hirson, wrote.

Relations between the world's two largest economies have plummeted in recent weeks with Trump placing $250bn in tariffs on Chinese goods, in part over charges that Beijing forces USA companies to hand over technological know-how.

Casting aside Pence's criticism of China's allegedly malicious influence across the globe, Beijing emphasized it views itself as one of the guarantors of "world peace" and a "defender of global order".

Pence lashed out at China for focusing its retaliatory tariffs on states vital to the Republicans' electoral chances.

Senior Chinese officials have also tried to influence business leaders to condemn U.S. trade actions, leveraging their desire to maintain their operations in China.

Such paid supplements by foreign governments are commonplace in USA newspapers, but Pence complained that the United States was not allowed to print similar advertisements in China's state-controlled press.

China is committed to working with the United States for "non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win co-operation", she said. The Ministry also slammed the accusations that China is somehow trying to meddle in USA internal affairs, noting that it has "no interest" in local American infighting. "The worldwide community already knows fully well who wantonly infringes upon others' sovereignty, interferes in others' internal affairs and undermines others' interests".

He was to accuse Beijing of convincing three Latin American nations to sever ties with Taiwan and recognize China. "These actions threaten the stability of the Taiwan Strait - and the United States of America condemns these actions", he said.

-Beijing compelled Delta Airlines to publicly apologize for not calling Taiwan a "province of China" on its website, he said.

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