Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
Medicine | By Tracy Klein

Scotland Health Care kicks of Breast Cancer Awarness Month with a walk

Scotland Health Care kicks of Breast Cancer Awarness Month with a walk

There's the arrival of cooler weather (sans Florida), pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween, but there's one thing that means just a bit more: breast-cancer awareness. Previously this information was available by request to the Breast Screening Program.

St. Vincent Anderson Women's Center has added breast MRI - magnetic resonance imaging - technology to its comprehensive program for diagnosing and treating breast cancer. "We can do that to outlying communities and places where people can't normally get to their doctor".

King studied more than 1,500 families in which multiple members were affected by breast cancer. Breasts are made up of fat, breast tissue and connective tissue. A portion of the proceeds from the badges will be donated to The Rose, a foundation whose mission is to reduce deaths from breast cancer by providing access to screening, diagnostics and treatment services to any woman regardless of her ability to pay.

Apart from that, she also said that it is highly recommended that the sufferers undergo breast examination as statistics in HQE2 have shown that the age range of suffers between 41 to 50-years-old have dropped to lower aged group.

"We are encouraging women to not allow fear to prevent them from seeking medical help".

He said breast cancer is the commonest cancer among women, a public health concern and must be given the needed attention. However, there are other, more important, factors for determining risk including: family history, age, race and reproductive history.

Breast cancer is also the most common form of cancer diagnosed in pregnant women or women who have recently given birth.

He cited that despite these numbers, breast cancer belongs to the 30 percent of cancers that can be cured when detected early. The risk for women with extremely dense breasts is about two times greater when compared with women who have density in the middle two categories.

Moten said she wanted to educate her peers at ECU to be aware of the risks cancer can pose.

Breast density is determined by a mammogram and is not associated with how large or how lumpy a woman's breasts are during self-examination of the breasts.

At the Scotland Imaging Center, new state-of-the-art technology is helping find more abnormalities than before.

Keri Gioia began having an annual mammogram 11 years ago when she turned 40. Since inception, The Pink Fund has paid $3 million to working breast cancer survivors in active treatment.

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