Published: Sun, September 30, 2018
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Inside the Booze-Soaked 1980s When Brett Kavanaugh Was in High School

Inside the Booze-Soaked 1980s When Brett Kavanaugh Was in High School

Binge-drinking - which was at a 40-year high in the early 1980s - is fast becoming a central focus of the high-profile, he said/she said testimony of Kavanaugh and accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Brett Kavanaugh emphatically and at times angrily defended his high school drinking before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday afternoon - referring to beer or his enjoyment of beer more than two dozen times in the first hours of his testimony.

In one exchange, Democratic Sen.

During the hearing, Klobuchar had said she understands alcohol abuse, as her father is an alcoholic, and asked Kavanaugh if he'd ever blacked out while drinking.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has readily acknowledged that he often drank beer during his prep school days and made a point in his congressional testimony that seniors could buy beer legally in Maryland at the age of 18. Was there ever a time when you drank so much you couldn't remember what happened or part of what happened the night before? Klobuchar joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss the judge's temperament and the Republican senators' strategy.

Kavanaugh: You're asking about blackout.

Klobuchar: "Could you answer the question, judge?"

On Friday, the White House argued that any claim Kavanaugh had said he was legally allowed to consume beer during high school is inaccurate and that he "never suggested that all of his high school drinking was of legal age", said White House spokesman Raj Shah.

In his introductory remarks before the committee, Kavanaugh said that everything he said on the network could be entered as testimony.

There was a grandfather clause in the Maryland law, but only for those who were 18, 19 or 20 on the day the increase went into effect, thereby not including Kavanaugh.

"What are you hiding?" she asked.

Kavanaugh: "I responded by asking her a question and I didn't - I'm sorry I did that". I still like beer. "Klobuchar has managed to become the one Dem on the judiciary committee who conservatives think was acting in good faith", he tweeted, "while also getting a damaging answer out of Kavanaugh and acquitting herself well with Democrats, which is quite a feat".

The Senate is expected to vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation within the week.

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