Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
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Waves Crash Against Homes in Hong Kong During Typhoon Mangkhut

Waves Crash Against Homes in Hong Kong During Typhoon Mangkhut

Mangkhut, a super typhoon that slammed into the northern Philippine province of Luzon on Saturday, continued a path of destruction across southern China on Sunday and into Monday.In the Philippines, the police on Monday gave an unofficial death toll of 66 people nationwide, though that number was nearly certain to rise.

"Of course his death hurts", Jocelyn Banawul told AFP after her cousin's corpse was pulled from the debris.

"The rescue effort will continue until the president orders us to stop", he said. Farms across northern Luzon, which produces much of the nation's rice and corn, were sitting under muddy floodwater, their crops ruined just a month before harvest.

With fears that storms will worsen due to climate change, it is seafront villages like those at Lei Yue Mun that could bear the brunt, said Edward Ng, professor of architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Bus services were halted and commuters piled onto platforms trying to board infrequent trains after trees fell on overhead power lines.

Known in the Philippines as Ompong, the storm was packing winds of up to 265 kilometres per hour-120 km/hr stronger than Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas-when it began to rip roofs off buildings, uproot trees, block roads, and dump massive amounts of water.

Awestruck workers gathered to take pictures of skyscrapers whose windows had been punched through. In the neighborhood of Heng Fa Chuen, thousands of rocks and pebbles from the sea covered parkland along the coastline which had been battered by waves. In the neighboring gambling enclave of Macau, all 42 casinos shut down for the first time in its history as the storm approached.

It's clear from media coverage that there have been significant coastal impacts from storm surge in the economically prosperous areas of Hong Kong, as well as wind damage across the city.

"I was scared. I didn t dare go out last night".

Mazzone said her cousins live in the province of Cagayan, where at least three deaths have been reported and buildings have been damaged.

"The EU (European Union) is supporting the people of the Philippines, many of whom are in urgent need of assistance after the devastating effects of the cyclone", Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides said in a statement on Tuesday.

Warnings were issued, travel was restricted, schools closed, and the army was put on standby in advance.

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