Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Dipika Kakar's TEARY-EYED confession on Bigg Boss 12 melted our hearts

Dipika Kakar's TEARY-EYED confession on Bigg Boss 12 melted our hearts

Reality show Bigg Boss has once again returned to the small screen with a bang. The Khan sisters ask Dipika Kakar why she is not contributing and soon everybody gets involved. On Day 2 this task continued with Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel turning moderators. First of all, the makers changed the timings of the show in a landmark move, second of all, there is an eccentric mix of people in the house which assures that the glass walled house will always remain happening.

Explaining her situation, the actor said she and her husband Shoaib have a lot of responsibilities and that is why they made a decision to spend three months away from each other.

Salman very sportingly replied saying that he and many others are a part of the project for financial reasons and that there is nobody who has opted to be a part of Bigg Boss selflessly. Needless to say, the two instantly became the talk of the town. Because, all the inmates were already against the sisters, they were voted out and Dipika emerged as a victor. In private, Srishty tells Neha that the Khan sisters are stronger than Dipika but their attitude turned the house against them.

# Next, Karanvir Bohra challenges Kriti and Roshmi as he feels they do not know each other properly and are not strong. Next up was S Sreesanth Vs Sourabh and Shivashish. While it is common for contestants to have watched Bigg Boss' previous seasons, Romil claimed that it is his mother who is a fan of the show and that he has only watched the last two seasons. Sreesanth got agitated with the sisters over the same. The fight escalates and Sreesanth decides to speak directly to Bigg Boss.

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