Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
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How to use iOS 12's fun new Memoji feature

How to use iOS 12's fun new Memoji feature

Hit Remove Profile, and you'll no longer be getting iOS 12 beta software updates. If you're running an older version of iOS, your iOS 12 update and download will be much bigger thanks to the updates you skipped.

Gartenberg said the update is even more pronounced on his iPad Air which felt "barely functional" on iOS 11.

If you have jailbroken your iOS device and can not live without your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks then it is recommended that you avoid updating to iOS 12, until a tool is released to jailbreak iOS 12. The new version of iOS promises to make even your old iPhone faster and more secure.

But if you've been on the iOS 12 beta program for the last few months, the update to iOS 12 for the general population brings a rare opportunity to downgrade easily. In India, the iPhone XS series will be available for sale from September 28, though pre-orders open September 21.

Although Apple has worked hard to include as many devices as possible, this latest operating system isn't compatible with all iPhone and iPad models. While some of these features have been available through third-party apps like IFTTT and Google Assistant, Apple has now integrated them directly into the iOS.

Apple has released iOS 12 and watchOS 5 to the public.

This new version of iOS has a bunch of new features, but the main point of this release was to hold back on features a little and improve the underlying operating system. After opening iTunes, click on the iPhone (or iPad) symbol.

We had no early access to the HomePod update that Apple just released, but after some quick installation and testing, there doesn't seem to be any particular reason to wait. The new capabilities may not be game-changing unless you're looking forward to Walkie-Talkie conversations with a friend or family member or if you regularly forget to start the Workout app before going for a run-the auto-start capability is welcome.

With Streaks' latest update all the habits you track can be assigned a custom phrase to remind you what needs to be done or what is completed! Once it's done, you'll be prompted to download and install the update. Keep in mind that the OTA method will require Wi-Fi and your iOS device will need to be sufficiently charged, more than 50 per cent.

But Should You Upgrade, Right Now, to iOS 12?

These tips will come in handy as you transition your device from whatever its now running to the latest version of iOS.

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