Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
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Brett Kavanaugh willing to 'refute' sexual assault allegation before Senate panel

Brett Kavanaugh willing to 'refute' sexual assault allegation before Senate panel

The comments came hours after Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, announced that the judge and his accuser will testify next Monday - delaying a committee confirmation vote scheduled for Thursday.

When asked if the committee should consider delaying the vote this week, Murkowski told CNN, "Well, I think that might be something they might have to consider, at least having that discussion". The hearings are now over, and if there is real substance to this, it demands a response. "That may be something the committee needs to look into". It was unfair to Kavanaugh, unfair to his accuser and unfair to Feinstein's colleagues - Democrats and Republicans alike - on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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But Susan Collins thought otherwise. "For the entire time we have known Brett Kavanaugh, he has behaved honorably and treated women with respect".

To those who support Kavanaugh's nomination, Ford's allegation is a last-minute dirty trick - the revelation of which was deliberately delayed so as to "prevent any vetting of the allegation", according to Robert Romano of Americans for Limited Government (

Christine Blasey Ford is willing to testify before the Senate on her allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her in high school, her attorney revealed on Monday morning.

Tillis, appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation", said he hasn't seen the letter and that he's "shocked that the matter didn't come up in the almost 32 hours of testimony" that Kavanaugh gave during his Senate confirmation hearing last week.

In the end, "I doubt very seriously any minds will be changed by this", says Ross Baker, a political scientist and expert on the Senate at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. The 53-year-old judge was there to meet with the White House legal team to prepare for potential interviews or questions from the Judiciary Committee, a source familiar with the matter said.

Ford claimed that a "stumbling drunk" Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed, groping her and trying to remove her clothing, while a friend of his watched.

"If it takes a little delay, it will take a little delay", said Mr Trump, who dismissed as a "ridiculous question" a reporter's query about whether Mr Kavanaugh had offered to withdraw his name from consideration.

One of the ironies of that path, of course, is that failure to give Ford a chance to tell her story, and for Kavanaugh to reply, could cause so much outrage that it will be the proximate cause of a Democratic takeover of both House of Congress in November. Yet, if Republicans refuse to hold more open hearings now, they will be accused of ignoring sexual assault.

"They should be examined thoroughly and fairly by the Judiciary Committee without any artificial timeline". Kavanaugh, who's said he's willing to speak to the judiciary committee, will never get a fair hearing. Corker, however, does not sit on the panel.

Ford came forward publicly on Sunday in an interview with the Washington Post. Dianne Feinstein became public over the past week, she made a decision to go ahead and speak out herself, Sunday's report said.

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