Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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Formula One present vehicle design concepts for the 2021 season

Formula One present vehicle design concepts for the 2021 season

The images show cars with much simpler front and rear wings and a more attractive-looking halo as those at the top look to make the racing closer, but the changes haven't been to the liking of everyone. Therefore, the latest design proposals for the 2021 F1 racer focus on aerodynamics. The halo stands out straight away with its new curved design flowing better with the lines of the auto along with far greater visibility of the driver's helmet. Estimating that the current regulations mean a 50 per cent reduction in downforce in this situation, Brawn says the new regulation has improved this by 30 per cent, so that a vehicle only loses 20 per cent downforce. "But I want exciting-looking cars".

Also, F1 made a decision to no longer take into account the weight of the driver when weighing the cars and will impose the use of biometric gloves for the drivers.

Reacting to images originally posted social media, Hamilton said in an Instagram Story: "I'm def gonna [sic] be driving if cars look like this...just please bring a V12 or V10 [engine] back". As we've previously discussed, the sport's technical rulebook is going to be thoroughly revised for the 2021 season in an attempt to cure a number of ills including the inability of one vehicle to follow closely behind another due to the effect of turbulent air.

Formula 1's owners have stated they want the cars to be "more raceable to increase overtaking opportunities" and for driver's skill to be "the predominant factor in the performance of the vehicle".

The most notable change in all three concepts is the introduction of fairings near the wheels to improve the airflow, with cars for 2019 already set to include changes to the front wings based on similar principles. I think the confidence in F1 has since increased. And naturally, the cars are shown with 18-inch wheels. "I've been involved in a number of initiatives where F1 is a catalyst to get young people's interest peaked in technology, the STEM topics - science, technology, engineering and maths", says Brawn. All 10 teams are working towards finding the best solution they can for 2021. The teams have a limitation on the amount of aerodynamic testing they're allowed to do, but the FIA have granted them some extra time to work specifically on this project. "What they're finding from the models we're sharing is pretty similar to what we're finding as well, which is encouraging".

Lewis Hamilton is a fan of the proposed new look.

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