Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Restaurant lost $190 million in value after dead rat found in soup

Restaurant lost $190 million in value after dead rat found in soup

As reported by Kankan News, the woman and her husband were offered the equivalent of £559 in compensation by the restaurant at the time of the incident.

After video footage of the dead rat in the woman's soup circulated on social media, the chain's shares dropped by 12%, losing £145m in value to reach its lowest level since October past year, before regaining value.

"If you are anxious about the baby, then we'll give you 20,000 yuan (US$3,000) to abort it", they supposedly told the couple.

The rat was found last week at a branch of the chain, Xiabu Xiabu, in Weifang, a city in the eastern province of Shandong. Ma alleges that restaurant staff offered the couple cash for an abortion if they were anxious about the health of the baby after eating the rat soup.

Video shows chopsticks dipping into a thick red soup and retrieving the stiff, boiled body of a rat at a restaurant in China on September 6. "I'm never going to eat hotpot outside again". "I feel like vomiting".

By Sept. 11, the company's share price hit the lowest level since October of a year ago.

Chinese restaurant lose $288m after a dead rat was found in hotpot
Pregnant woman finds rat in hotpot, allegedly offered $4,000 to abort child

Ma said he and his wife went to the hospital where she had a checkup to ensure the baby was healthy. "Is a life worth only 20,000 yuan?"

The rat appeared when hotpot has been enjoying something of a moment in China.

Xiabu Xiabu initially released a statement Saturday night saying that it had "ruled out the possibility that an unhygienic environment has caused the rat to appear", but that statement was later deleted.

An inspection was immediately undertaken at the restaurant but no trace of rats were found.

The chain, which is known for its "hot pot" - a dish which involves diners cooking their own vegetables and other ingredients in a large bowl of simmering broth - took a hit after the footage emerged last week.

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