Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

IPhone XS, XS Max: First Impression

IPhone XS, XS Max: First Impression

At a packed event yesterday Apple introduced three new iPhones and a re-designed Watch Series 4 so there's plenty to digest. Since that phone lasted longer than the iPhone X in CNET's looping video tests(in airplane mode), we at least have an inkling that the XR could outlast Apple's more expensive iPhones.

Luckily, if you owned a previous iPhone that came with a wired dongle, you can still use that with the new Apple handsets.

Like the iPhone X, the new devices are meant to pronounce the "X" as 'ten, ' but many have already read it as X, causing some rather unfortunate pronunciations of the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xs.

The cheapest iPhone is now the iPhone 7, which starts at $US449.

In other words, Apple isn't treating the iPhone XR as some shabby relation. Features like post-editing Depth Control and Smart HDR will also be supported on the iPhone XR.

Predictably, folks on Twitter did not greet the news favorably.

Looking at the very first iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Geekbench scores hitting the web today, it seems clear that Apple's 2018 iPhones will have absolutely no match from any of the Android vendors in terms of performance this year or even in 2019, thanks to Apple's super-fast A12 Bionic chip. Side by side, the iPhone XR screen looks duller and less pin-sharp.

When Apple released the iPhone X past year, it was widely considered the best smartphone the company had ever made, marking a major step forward with features like Face ID and a high-end camera to rival the Huawei P20 Pro and the Google Pixel 2. Both boast a dual-lens 12-megapixel camera.

Later sale date: While the iPhone XS devices go on sale September 21 (preorders start September 14), you won't be able to buy the iPhone XR until October 26 (preorders start October 19). Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 starts at £599/$599 and the 8 Plus is reduced to £699/$699.

This has led to the iPhone XR being variously described as "cheap", "entry-level", or the "budget" iPhone for this year.

As such, Gareth concludes that providing you don't want loads of advanced features, no "bells and whistles", then the camera system on the iPhone XR "will do you just fine".

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