Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Microsoft tests third party browser 'warning' in Windows 10

Microsoft tests third party browser 'warning' in Windows 10

While Microsoft is in the "final stages" of testing the next major Windows 10 update, testers at TechDows seem to have spotted a new feature that prompts user to try Mircosoft Edge instead of the third-party browsers. It reads, "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows 10". The company has been trying various moves over the years to lure users to Edge, such as adding pop-ups when people use third-party browsers. Though Microsoft Edge replaced the oft-disparaged Internet Explorer in Windows 10 - and, in fairness, makes its share of improvements - a lot of people out there still prefer to stick with Chrome or Firefox. The prompt appears to be coming on the version 1809 or Windows 10 October Update which is now being tested by Windows Insiders. "Open settings" link, you'll be taken to the Settings Apps Apps & Features page.

An image of the offending pop-up was shared in a tweet by user Sean Hoffman. It's particularly bold for Microsoft to surface this pop-up as soon as you try to launch the installer for another browser as well, and we can't really see its existence sitting well with the larger Windows 10 userbase. If that's true, we don't imagine this process will make it into the next Windows 10 update. Considering the popularity of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft's tact to shame users into using Edge isn't going to be well received.

This isn't the only message in Windows 10 that promotes Microsoft Edge.

Some of Windows 10's more annoying advertising features encourage you to use Edge, too. Now it's trying to intercept people before they install Chrome or Firefox without actually preventing them from installing those browsers.

People talk about how Google pushes Chrome, but that's pretty different. This pop-up won't stop you from installing your third-party browser, as it gives you the change to "Install Anyway", but it also gives you the option of opening Edge instead. So maybe you should make Edge a better browser instead of thinking up new ways to shove it in our faces.

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