Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Sci-tech | By April Francis

Hurricane Florence looms over East Coast — WHAT’S HAPPENING

Hurricane Florence looms over East Coast — WHAT’S HAPPENING

Wilmington, North Carolina, just north of where Florence appeared headed for shore, grew empty and quiet on Wednesday.

Vice President Pence will go to Atlanta on Thursday to review preparations for Hurricane Florence, the Category 4 storm that is expected to make landfall later this week.

While some said they planned to stay put despite hurricane watches and warnings that include the homes of more than 5.4 million people on the East Coast, many weren't taking any chances.

"We have a duty to everybody here in the city and we take that very seriously", Vest said. The shopping list for people who have made a decision to ride out the storm at home: plywood to board up their windows, sandbags, bilge pumps, generators, trash bags, potato chips, bottled water and wine. "Don't bet your life on riding out a monster", Cooper said. Rather than pushing up toward western Virginia, the storm's center is now predicted to move across the middle of SC.

In Virginia, 245,000 coastal residents were ordered to evacuate. But getting out of harm's way could prove hard.

Tens of thousands of homes and businesses could be flooded in North Carolina alone, Governor Cooper warned.

"This morning I drove around for an hour looking for gas in Cary".

Usually when a storm approaches the coast, forecasters can tell with ever increasing accuracy where it will hit and who will get walloped.

"We do not want to risk one SC life in this hurricane", the governor told reporters.

Florence is becoming more of a threat to more people - now including some in Georgia - in more ways with a giant dose of uncertainty on top.

"There's no water. There's no juices".

And if Florence weren't enough, other storms out there are threatening people.

It was located about 205 miles east-southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina, and about 250 miles (405 kilometers) east-southeast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, moving to the northwest at 15 mph.

A National Weather Service forecaster has said it will be the "storm of a lifetime" for parts of the Carolina coast.

Florence is the most risky of three tropical systems in the Atlantic.

Hurricanes are massive storm systems that form over warm ocean waters and move toward land.

"It certainly is a challenge forecasting precise impacts when its exact track won't be known until a day in advance", Landsea said. "Its a big one", he said at the White House. It's going to destroy infrastructure.

The storms path is promising to bring even more devastation than first predicted to the Carolinas and parts of Georgia. The agency is also warning people in the evacuation areas to leave stating that "This is not going to be a glancing blow".

Florence is expected to make landfall late Thursday night or early Friday morning, Mountain Time, somewhere between Atlantic Beach, NC and Savannah, GA. Over 1.5 million people are under evacuation orders.

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