Published: Wed, September 12, 2018
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Jalandhar Bishop Accused of Raping Kerala Nun Alleges Conspiracy

Jalandhar Bishop Accused of Raping Kerala Nun Alleges Conspiracy

In a scathing letter to the Vatican that was made available to the media Tuesday, the nun also asked will the Church be able to give back what she has lost. But three more women - including two nuns -have since stepped forward, alleging they too were sexually assaulted by Mulakkal. She said that bishop Franco Mulakkal was using his political clout and money power to influence the higher officials in the police and the state government. 12 times she enjoyed it and the 13th time it is rape? She says she was abused 13 times. This is absolutely shameful. "We will not end the protest until action against the bishop is taken".

"I beg the Church authorities to kindly make a speedy enquiry about this case and remove Bishop Franco from his responsibilities as the spiritual leader of the diocese", the nun said. She was crying. She was protesting against the Bishop and demanding justice for herself. "But in the light of my experience I am beginning to think that the Church is a stepmother to women and laity". She was denied basic facilities like ration and stipend.

George had said at a press meet that he did not believe the bishop was at fault.

George, however, continued his allegations against the survivor and five other nuns, who stood in her support. It said bringing the real truth in the case was their "moral and divine" responsibility. The nun or the Bishop? he asked.

Responding to two pleas, the court asked the police to clarify if the Bishop was questioned and what steps had been taken after the police questioning. The nuns and their families are facing mental trauma and continuous pressure from the church, but they are keen to fight for their fellow sister.

On Saturday, in a protest organised by the joint Christian Council, the nuns and other protesters marched in protest to the High Court in Kochi, Kerala, holding placards and banners, UCAN news reports.

The accused had allegedly threatened to disclose the victim's confessions, made in the church.

"I am not saying that the Bishop hasn't done any wrong, but when you weigh his character against that of this nun, it is evident she is not above reproach".

The bishop confined the nun to a guestroom in St Francis Mission Home in Kuravilangad in Kottayam district of Kerala.

Reportedly, a special team has been looking into the case and after a preliminary investigation, it found that the Bishop had abused his position and had raped the nun repeatedly. It is a serious issue. "No accused would be allowed to escape the clutches of the law", he told reporters in Kannur.

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