Published: Mon, September 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By April Francis

Category 5 hurricane heading to Hawaii

Category 5 hurricane heading to Hawaii

"Exactly when this critical turn will happen is very hard to forecast, so confidence in this portion of the track is unfortunately rather low", The Pacific Hurricane Center said.

Although it is not certain whether the storm, packing peak winds of 150 miles per hour, will directly strike the islands or just graze them, significant effects from rain, wind and waves are becoming increasingly likely.

"It's showing a significant swing to the north as it kind of makes its way around the Big Island", said Talmadge Magno, Hawaii County Civil Defense administrator, on Monday morning.

Hawaii's biggest hotels were confident they could keep their guests safe as long as they stay inside, said Mufi Hannemann, CEO of Hawaii Tourism and Lodging Association.

The Big Island on a good day. Additionally, Dye reported that offshore buoys have started to detect high waves.

Category 4 Hurricane Lane is headed directly toward Hawaii.

A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Big Island Interior, Big Island North and East, Big Island Summits, Haleakala Summit, Kahoolawe, Kohala, Kona, Lanai Makai, Lanai Mauka, Leeward Haleakala, Maui Central Valley, Maui Leeward West, Maui Windward West, Molokai Leeward, Molokai Windward, South Big Island, and Windward Haleakala.

Landfalling hurricanes are very rare in Hawaii, as the Central Pacific does not normally see as many storms as the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific, and the Hawaiian Islands present a very small target in the vast Pacific Ocean. Since Lane is moving relatively slowly, there's the potential for devastating flooding. Others have come close in recent years.

Satellite view of the eye of Hurricane Lane. He also said upper level winds, called shear, tend to be strong enough to tear storms apart.

A direct hit anywhere in Hawaii "would be a worst case scenario", said Thomas Birchard, a meteorologist with the hurricane center.

"Hurricane Lane is not a well-behaved hurricane", he said in a statement.

Hurricane Lane has taken a turn toward Hawaii but is weakening as it approaches the islands. "But I remember the wind being the strongest force of nature I've ever witnessed and probably the scariest sounds I've ever heard in my life", he said.

Miranda said his family is used to preparing for hurricane season.

Workers at stores throughout the islands say they're bracing for an afternoon rush of people getting supplies.

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