Published: Sun, September 09, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Fortnite Patch 5.40's Heist Challenge Forces Players Out of the Bushes

Fortnite Patch 5.40's Heist Challenge Forces Players Out of the Bushes

This not only introduces voice chat to the experience, but it also includes a brand new mode: Getaway.

The High Stakes Fortnite challenges revolve around the brand-new Getaway LTM. Once a player picks up a jewel, they will become visible to everyone in the game for 30 seconds and move 10 percent slower, but will gain health and shields over time.

Spin the wheel and chance your luck, here's how to complete the new High Stakes challenges in Fortnite and get away with the new crowbar pickaxe. The item can be found in Vending Machines, Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, and floor loot, however, it is of the Epic rarity and therefore won't be too easy to grab.

In Getaway mode, teams of four will battle for four rare jewels that will land throughout the map in supply drops, along with four getaway vans.

Epic games showed off the Grappler via Twitch and it looks like a plunger that shoots out so the player can maneuver around, pulling them to another building or to higher ground.

This area that you need to head to solve the Fortnite search between three oversized seats challenge is in square D9 of the Battle Royale map.

In a tweet earlier today, the company revealed that it'll release Fortnite version 5.40 with the High Stakes update at 4AM ET / 1AM PT tomorrow morning. A new Glider called the Safecracker is also available; it costs 800 V-Bucks. Assemble your crew for the new Getaway LTM and complete challenge to get some free rewards. With 15 charges, you can chain shots together to travel great distances quickly.

Simply play ten matches of the new mode as soon as it goes live and get a neat XP boots, what's not to love? Check out its full patch notes this way.

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