Published: Mon, September 03, 2018
Business | By Eloise Houston

New dance Theresa may laugh Network

New dance Theresa may laugh Network

It's also the second time on the trip that May has caught dancing fever, after visiting a school in South Africa. you have to admit, she's nothing if not committed.

On her part, Prime Minister May announced that Britain will soon unveil a package for the African Mission in Somalia (Amisom), the peace keeping team that comprises of Kenyan soldiers maintaining peace in the war-torn country.

While onlookers seemed happy with May's attempt to integrate by participating in Africa's traditional dances, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta didn't, however, shy away from taking a swipe at May during a press conference on her final day in Africa.

The publication further picked issue with how President Kenyatta began his address by telling May that he was glad she had honoured Kenya's invitation to see for herself how the country and the African continent has changed in the almost four decades since a UK Premier last visited. We want to enhance those trading links.

"We welcome your commitment to fight this vice from your country and we signed an agreement to ensure that any proceeds of corruption from Kenya that end up in the United Kingdom would be given back to the Kenyan people and spent for their benefit", she said.

Britain becomes the third global partner- after Switzerland and New Jersey- to support Kenya's war on graft through the signing of agreements aimed at repatriating assets and monies acquired through corrupt deals back into the country.

May said that Kenya holds a special place in the hearts of British people.

President Uhuru noted that fighting corruption was important for the country just as the Big Four Agenda and he would make it more painful and unrewarding for individuals to engage in the crime. The British military has run a training camp for Kenyan troops for years.

May's visit comes as Kenyatta returns from meeting with President Donald Trump in Washington and before all three of the heads of state she met travel to Beijing to participate in a China-Africa summit.

He wrote: "yes, Theresa May looks like a idiot dancing, but that's not the most unpleasant part of Africa trip. trying to use aid spending as part of Brexit trade plans is grosser. privatisation won't help tackle poverty or inequality".

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