Published: Sun, September 02, 2018
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International Space Station Crew Repairs Air Leak With Epoxy, Tape

International Space Station Crew Repairs Air Leak With Epoxy, Tape

The Russian cosmonauts had plugged the hole with the sealant and restored pressure aboard the space station by Thursday evening, after which the Mission Control Center outside Moscow gave instructions to suspend works until morning.

A Soyuz flight planned for April 2019 "will complete the fulfillment of our obligations under a contract with NASA related to the delivery of USA astronauts to the ISS and their return from the station", Borisov said at the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, as reported by TASS, Russia's official news agency.

Six people are now orbiting Earth aboard the ISS - Nasa astronauts Drew Feustel, Ricky Arnold and Serena Auñón-Chancellor, as well as Gerst, who is German, and two Russian cosmonauts - Oleg Artemyev and Sergei Prokopyev.

The team of astronauts present on the Space Station is Drew Feustel, the current commander, Gerst, Serena Auñón-Chancellor, and Ricky Arnold.

NASA and Russian space officials have stressed the six astronauts were in no danger. The section damaged will not return to Earth.

They waited until morning, however, to alert the sleeping crew, who were in no immediate danger.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station on Thursday (August 30) conducted fix work one of two Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the orbiting outpost after a leak caused a dip in station pressure, according to NASA.

Three Americans, two Russians and a German are aboard the station. Yesterday, crewmembers traced the leak to a 2-millimeter-wide hole in one of the two Russian Soyuz spacecraft that's now docked to the orbiting lab. "A tape is applied, it is covered with epoxy resin and the leak is stopped".

The ISS' cabin pressure is now "holding steady" after ISS Expedition 56 crew members hunted down a breach in the spacecraft's hull.

The 2mm wide "micro fracture" in the £115 billion NASA satellite was discovered after crew noticed a drop in pressure.

Flight controllers monitored the cabin pressure while working to come up with a better long-term solution.

The US has not transported astronauts into space since 2011, when it ended its Space Shuttle program.

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