Published: Sat, August 25, 2018
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12-Year-Old Girl Injured Doing the Viral 'Fire Challenge'

12-Year-Old Girl Injured Doing the Viral 'Fire Challenge'

The challenge involves placing rubbing alcohol on a part of your body, setting it fire and filming it.

Brandi Owens, Landers' mother, told Fox 2 that she had made pancakes for Timiyah and two friends and taken a short nap.

Brandi Owens, her mother, stated that she heard an explosion and saw her daughter "running up [a] hallway on fire from her knees to her hair", the report said.

"One of the girls had done it before, and she came to my daughter, like, 'It was fun, '" Owens said.

Owens' quick-thinking fiancé directed Timiyah to the bathtub and sprayed her with water.

"These kids are trying these YouTube challenges", she said, "that's where they get this challenges is YouTube, and they're trying it with their friends".

Emergency room Dr. Helene Tigchelaar said internet challenges with a plethora of ideas to maim and injure people for the sake of internet fame or making viral videos create more issues than they should.

The couple managed to extinguish the fire, and soon Timiyah was bundled into the vehicle with Owens at the wheel, driving as fast as she could to the nearest hospital. She has a long and painful road to recovery ahead of her - a recovery which will include several more surgeries.

"I'm disappointed", Owens said. "It's nearly like someone threw gasoline on you and just set you on fire and you're just burning and running and it's just like a fireball". It happened when she competed in the fire challenge Friday with her friends.

12-year-old Timiyah Landers is wearing a body-suit of bandages, underneath - burns.

Beyond people setting themselves on fire, the Internet is the source of a variety of freakish challenges, many of which leave people wondering one thing: Why?

"When they look on YouTube, they see, 'Oh okay, wow, I want to try that, the outcome with him was okay, ' " she said. "If we weren't home, she'd have died", Owens said.

Owens says Timiyah knew better.

Owens tells FOX 2 that she thinks YouTube should ban those videos and is warning other parents about it. "Those kids wouldn't have known what to do, but to sit there and let her burn".

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