Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

You need the Fortnite Installer app installed for updates to the game

You need the Fortnite Installer app installed for updates to the game

"There is some concern that by circumventing Google Play, Epic may potentially make it more challenging for users to install "Fortnite" on devices running older Android versions, where side loading of apps isn't as straightforward as in more recent releases", he said.

Fortnite is finally on Android, and it caused a huge fuss (over nothing) about supposed security risks that it would expose users to.

In a move I've never seen before, and can't find any example of happening in the past, the Google Play Store now directly addresses the lack of Fortnite on the service.

A deal between Samsung and Epic Games previously only allowed a small selection of Samsung device users to experience the Fortnite Beta, however, more players will now have the chance to play.

A dispute between Google and Epic Games over the fees Google charges to distribute apps on its platform meant Epic Games chose to sell the game their own way.

However, there's one way to play Fortnite on Android presently -a flagship Samsung Galaxy device.

New data has revealed that global tech giant Google could lose around Dollars 50 million this year due to Epic Games' decision to not release Fortnite on Google's Play Store. This is likely the result of the algorithmically derived similarity between the games and not a specific, manually inserted dig at Epic's similar game. As such, the company is taking action, and is showing a warning to anyone who searches for Fortnite in Google Play.

Once the APK file is installed, it will install Fortnite on your device. Well, that exclusive period is up and Fortnite is now available for more devices.

This method of download opens Android users up to scammers and potentially unsafe links to get the game. However, underneath this message is a link to the Android version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is available via Google Play.

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