Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Google's 'Campfire' may add Windows 10 dual-boot option to Chromebooks

Google's 'Campfire' may add Windows 10 dual-boot option to Chromebooks

The rumor about AltOS first popped up back in April, and was followed by the discovery of code commits pertaining to Google's Pixelbook which showed that the company is preparing the laptop for Microsoft's officially approval to run Windows 10.

The feature is comparable to Apple's Boot Camp - there's a nod to that in the name - and it's something that XDA Developers has been looking into.

Further evidence has emerged that Google is actively working on introducing support for dual-booting Chromebooks - and not just its Pixelbook - with a so-called AltOS mode that could potentially allow Chrome OS to sit alongside Windows 10, giving the user the option to boot into either. It could be at the firm's hardware event in a couple of months, and Alt OS/Campfire would be a feature of a possible Pixelbook 2.

Google still would need to pass Microsoft's hardware certification process for Windows 10 before such a feature could come to market, but xda-developers said they believe this could happen sooner rather than later. Of course, most of the entry-level Chromebook devices wouldn't support Campfire as it will need more than 16GB of storage.

Google could be about to add Windows 10 support to a range of Chromebooks, according to a new leak.

40GB appears to be the minimum storage requirement for Campfire (30GB going to Windows 10 and 10GB being used for Chrome OS), and while we don't know which Chromebooks specifically will be supported, talk of "campfire variants" suggests that it'll be supported on more than just the Pixelbook.

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