Published: Tue, August 14, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Details of Intel’s 9th-generation Core desktop processors leak

Details of Intel’s 9th-generation Core desktop processors leak

Highly anticipated: Rumors surrounding the release dates of Intel's 9th generation of processors have been swirling around for some time now. Come October, you can expect to see a refreshed take on Intel's eighth-gen Coffee Lake S CPU architecture, with the successor chips sporting an improved 14-nanometre process allowing for more cores and faster clockspeeds, and likely a bit more energy-efficiency.

Purported Intel documentation referencing and detailing a pair of top-end Intel Core 9000 Series processors has leaked onto the internet.

Then there's the Core i7-9700K which also offers eight cores, but only eight threads.

Looking at the Intel Core i9-9900K first, it can run at a turbo boost speed of 5GHz on one or two cores. To start we must restate that current rumours point to the upcoming desktop Core-i7 chips offering 8C/8T and the i9 chips 8C/16T. This will also be the mainstream flagship processor, and will feature 16MB of L3 cache, as well as an Intel UHD 620 graphics chip. This chip will have hyperthreading disabled for a candid eight cores and eight threads. In a similar fashion, the 9600K will brings things down a notch further to 4.6GHz on one core and 4.3GHz on all six cores. Each has a 95W TDP. When all eight cores are engaged, it will still be able to make 4.7GHz, as per WCCFTech. Z390 chipset motherboards are set to appear from the major motherboard manufacturers, but Asus, ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte have already confirmed 9th gen Core chips will be supported on existing 300 series motherboards.

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