Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
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INTERNATIONAL - Trump's SC pick's confirmation hearing in September

INTERNATIONAL - Trump's SC pick's confirmation hearing in September

Today's announcement follows the largest cumulative production of Executive Branch material ever received in the course of evaluating a Supreme Court nominee. The committee acknowledged that the Bush screening team decided which records to disclose for public review, a move panned by Democrats. Opening statements will be delivered on September 4 and Kavanaugh will begin questioning on September 5.

Kavanaugh has amassed a solidly conservative judicial record as an appeals court judge for 12 years.

"He's met dozens of senators who have nothing but positive things to say", Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said in a statement on Friday. "They seem to be more frightened of this nominee's record and history than any we've ever considered".

August 8: Sen. Blumenthal and Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats file a Freedom of Information Act request seeking release all of Kavanaugh's White House documents. "Judge Kavanaugh looks forward to addressing the Judiciary Committee in public hearings for the American people to view".

So far, the committee has made public Kavanaugh's 17,000-page questionnaire and his more than 300 court cases as an appellate judge. This extends the timeline that was set for the committee's consideration of Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Neil Gorsuch.

She said, "It's clear that Republicans want to speed this nomination through before we know who Brett Kavanaugh is". "We need more people on the bench who share his judicial philosophy that judges should interpret, not make the law".

Republicans are eager to confirm President Trump's nominee ahead of the new court session October 1, as Justice Anthony Kennedy retires.

Kavanaugh once helped write the Starr Report, which outlined broad grounds on which to impeach President Clinton for his role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Senate Democrats have railed against the process of releasing Kavanaugh's documents, arguing that they should be privy to documents from Kavanaugh's tenure as staff secretary in the Bush Administration.

Following the hearings and the vote from the committee, Kavanaugh's nomination would then be considered by the full Senate. There have been at least four Justices nominated and confirmed in midterm election years. Of that small portion, only 5,800 non-substantive documents were released publicly. Democrats have complained Republicans are rushing the process for the lifetime appointment without proper vetting of Kavanaugh's record. Democrats' attempts to obstruct Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation will be on fully display.

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