Published: Sun, August 12, 2018
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White House Describes Military 'Space Force,' Aims To Create It By 2020

White House Describes Military 'Space Force,' Aims To Create It By 2020

Vice-President Mike Pence made the announcement during a Pentagon speech on Thursday, stating the government's intention to form a USA space force by 2020.

"GPS is an essential national security asset and a key component of our nation's infrastructure and economy, but GPS programs have also been plagued by acquisition problems, delays, and cost growth", said Cristina Chaplain, space systems director for the Government Accountability Office, said in an email.

"The time has come to establish the United States Space Force".

Some members of Congress advocated past year for creating a Space Corps in the Air Force Department, similar to how the Marine Corps is part of the Navy Department.

Sen. Bill Nelson is among the lawmakers opposed to the idea.

"In his inaugural address to the nation, President Trump declared that the United States stands 'at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, '" Pence said. The Space Force will have, as Pence described, "an elite group of joint war fighters specializing in the domain of space". So, before we can "have the Space Force", as Trump put it, the White House will have to convince lawmakers that the USA really needs it. All of them feature the phrase "Space Force" except for one, which reads, "Mars Awaits".

The Defense Department is already active in space, of course, with the Air Force in charge. "That has exacerbated this already bad problem that we have with space". "But not too hard, because it's stupid", Colbert fired back.

Whatever happens with the creation of the space force, USA doctrine will remain constrained by the Outer Space Treaty, which outlaws the positioning of weapons of mass destruction in space or any weaponry on the Moon. "Please wait until NASA finds life until you try to kill it". Even basic details, such as what uniforms and what rank structure the Space Force would use, must be decided.

"No surprise, Pence is a huge fan of space". I mean, once you get past the idea, which is kind of insane, especially considering the amount of money this whole thing would cost and the need for that money to go elsewhere.

This fourth addition could be what most differentiates the Space Force from the AFSPC.

In June, Trump ordered the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to being the process of creating a sixth military branch known as Space Force.

He continued: "We've also got some concerns, I might add, on worldwide foreign policy".

As Colbert moved onto Pence's widely-mocked speech to the Defense Department, he imagined what it would've been like if John F. Kennedy used his famous "we choose to go to the moon" speech in the context of the Trump era. But as planes continued to advance technologically and find their way into mainstream travel, "Congress decided they needed to have a new branch of the military", Dodge said.

The Space Force would establish the first new military branch in 71 years.

The Air Force is the youngest branch of the us military; it was established in 1947 after World War II.

Trump's tweet paved the way for a number of hilarious replies and it is has become a viral meme. At Trump events, "Space Force" has come a common rallying cry, with some Trump supporters wearing Space Force T-shirts in the crowds.

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