Published: Sun, August 12, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Discord is Opening Its Own Digital Game Store

Discord is Opening Its Own Digital Game Store

Even though Discord isn't now trying to compete with the quantity of games on platforms like Steam, its 130 million strong user base means many people already have large friends lists built up on Discord.

The Discord game store will be available for free to everyone.

"We now have 150 million users, so timing felt right".

In addition, indie developers will be able to benefit from the First on Discord sponsorship, where they'll receive funding to get their projects off the ground in exchange for agreeing to launch games exclusively on Discord for 90 days. In the same way Valve's Steam Store launches games from its library.

Canadian subscribers of the Discord Nitro program will be the first in the world to be granted access to the ability to buy games directly from Discord.

The store will offer games from all across the gaming spectrum, from indie developers to larger publishers, and it will offer a new type of monetization for the popular chat client. Discord Nitro is Discord's premium service, and as of the introduction for this store, it will now provide gamers with select titles to play at no additional cost.

The service will set you back $49.99 per year or you can plump for a cheaper, monthly pass for $4.99.

Discord Nitro is getting an upgrade.

The retail store will initially sell the following games: "Dead Cells", "Frostpunk", "Omensight", "Into the Breach", "SpellForce 3", "The Banner Saga 3", "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire", "Hollow Knight", "Moonlighter", "This is the Police 2", and "Starbound".

Steam also made headlines this week as it was revealed that upcoming Fallout 76 will not be released on Steam, and Bethesda is opting instead to release the game via its own distribution service.

The new features will go live today, but only in beta, and only for a random selection of 50,000 Discord users in Canada. You can then launch them through Discord, if they require another launcher (Discord will boot the other launcher an game, as required).

The company wants to build a quality list of available games, and is even planning on having timed exclusives. The First on Discord titles can be sold on other platforms once the exclusivity period is up. Of course, we think the games are really cool too!

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