Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Sony's Marvel Cinematic Universe Has an Official Name

Sony's Marvel Cinematic Universe Has an Official Name

Altogether, the company retains the rights to about 900 such characters - and you can bet they'll try and make a movie out of every single one of them, should Venom turn out to do okay.

Silver & Black, previously announced not long after Venom, has finally been cancelled by the studio after numerous delays, with development now proceeding on two separate films for the characters Black Cat and Silver Sable. And you can thank your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for that.

Per Variety, we know Sony has already drawn up plans for Silk, Nightwatch, Morbius, Jackpot and Kraven the Hunter. Whereas Marvel just rolls with the punches and sticks to the gameplan when some films are not as massively successful as others, I would not be surprised that if Venom flops when it releases in October, I'm going to be writing another one of these huge articles about how Sony's plans have changed yet again.

Panitch emphasized this new Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters will embrace diversity, "We feel there's no reason the Marvel characters shouldn't be able to embrace diversity". "Sony is open to having other characters from its Spider-Man films pop up in Marvel movies that are produced under the Disney aegis, and would presumably also like to see an Avenger or two cameo in its own movies".

Tom Holland's Spider-Man may live firmly in the MCU, but that hasn't stopped Sony's dreams of creating a Marvel Universe of their own. Unfortunately for die hard Venom fans, Sony is aiming to keep the anti-hero at the PG-13 range, but is said to be pushing the envelope with the rating. Silver & Black are headed to the big screen, too, but they've since been redirected to individual solo movies. While Panitch is the one in charge of this entire enterprise, so to speak, Sony's approach to the actual films will be more "producer-driven", so you can expect lots of variety and deviation on each individual production.

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