Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
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Kanye West: Liberals Can't Bully Me

Kanye West: Liberals Can't Bully Me

Kimmel asked West directly about Trump's presidency, which the rapper supports and for which he has been criticized by fellow musicians and others in the African-American community.

"I've thought about a tombstone that said, 'Are you happy now?'" West continued.

Following the discussion about Kim's visit to Washington, Jimmy asks West, "Were you ever concerned about her being alone in the Oval Office with Trump?". "Because we never had therapists in the black community".

The rapper appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live", where he talked about everything from POTUS to his porn habits in a 20-minute interview that was all over the place.

When pressed about Trump's policies and how West once said that President George W. Bush doesn't care about Black people but that it doesn't seem as though the current president cares about any people, the outspoken West paused for longer than a moment, and Kimmel made a decision to send the show to commercial.

We look back now, and I guess him and his best friend had a convo and he was like, 'Dude.

"I'll murder these n**gas on that lyrical shit/ Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips/ I copped a new set of rims, nubuck Timmies/ I wear a size 12, my vehicle wear 20s/Momma, why they won't just let me live my life?" And what it represented to me is not about policies, because I'm not a politician like that, but it represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt no matter what anyone says...

But there was one moment of the interview when the loquacious hip-hop superstar clammed up, and that was during a discussion of West's support for Trump.

While West veered off topic on several occasions, talking about love and empathy instead of responding to certain questions about his controversial support for Trump, there was one question that rendered him speechless. When Kimmel, 50, asked if West feels like being bipolar is "part of what makes you brilliant", he answered in the affirmative before also discussing the quote "I hate being bipolar it's awesome", which covers ye, his new album.

Kimmel had earlier asked West if he was anxious about his wife, Kim Kardashian West, being alone with the president in the Oval Office during a recent visit. "That's what makes Ye", Kanye added - Watch the full interview below!

"I like a lot of black on white, obviously", he said. So what's awesome is that the world really experienced someone in a ramped-up state. "[I don't have extreme periods of depression] because I just say it".

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