Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
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Rented Lamborghini gets $46,000 fine in 3 hours in Dubai

Rented Lamborghini gets $46,000 fine in 3 hours in Dubai

"It's his fault and he should pay that amount", he said.

The man rented a DH1.3 million worth Lamborghini, which he drove at the reckless speed of 240kmph on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Because the business is the registered owner of the auto, it is liable to pay the fines if the tourist refuses.

A British tourist is yet to hand back the keys to a luxury supercar after racking up tens of thousands of dollars in speeding fines in a rental vehicle in Dubai.

Farah Hashi, 25, incurred the staggering fine from 33 speeding tickets with the DH1.3 million (AU$478,000) luxury vehicle just four hours after renting it from Saeed Ali Rent a auto last month.

A BRITISH tourist in Dubai has had his passport detained, as a result of racking up almost £36,000 in speeding penalty charges in the emirate. The UK man is now in a standoff with the garage over who pays the bill.

Dubai police officers told Gulf News the speed radars capture the license plate of the cars, not the individuals driving them.

"Also, the tourist could travel back to his home country before the case is resolved".

The company says it hasn't yet claimed the vehicle back because it may be liable to pay the fines.

The owners of the dealership where the man rented the Lamborghini Huracán told the newspaper that the driver had left his passport as a guarantee. As the National notes, the traffic fines acquired by expatriates are linked with departure counters at airports across the country to stop them from leaving.

Meanwhile, the Lamborghini is gathering sand and dust parked outside the front of the hotel, little more than a piece of expensive street furniture.

"We can't pay this amount should the auto be taken into the pound", said Iqbal. I won't be trying to take it back, because once I do, I know I have to surrender it to police.

"It's been here for nearly a week and people have been asking about it", a valet at the luxury Five hotel on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah island said on Tuesday.

Mr Iqbal continued: "Then who pays the money for the impound?"

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