Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Man taunts huge bison, it doesn't go well

Man taunts huge bison, it doesn't go well

It probably shouldn't need explaining to people that, if you're in a national park filled with potentially risky animals, it isn't a great idea to go out of your way to wind them up.

Video taken inside Yellowstone National Park shows a person taunting a wild bison that was attempting to mind its own business along a busy roadway.

Park rangers have not yet identified the man, but say they are "actively investigating," according to a post the park made on Facebook.

Reinke was wanted for the incident in Yellowstone and had encountered law enforcement officials in at least three national parks since July 28. Traffic has put a halt to allow the animal to pass, just when a man trail behind it.

Hancock, who was among a crowd of people that approached within 10 yards of the bison, was treated for a hip injury.

The viral video of Reinke harassing a bison in the roadway is believed to have been captured after that traffic stop. The man continues to taunt the bison until it turns around and charges him. When the camera swings back up, the man is back on the road and the bison is walking away. Once again, the bison beelines for his target.

Another person can be heard imploring him to "Get out of there!"

He jumps out of the way and does not appear to be injured by the bison as they go their separate ways in the video. The man was indeed fortunate enough not to get hurt.

Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison have lived continuously since prehistoric times. Every year, the site records million of visitors.

Yellowstone rules dictate visitors give animals a wide berth, requiring them to stay at least 25 yards (meters) from bison and elk and 100 yards from predators such as wolves and bears.

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