Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Girl at center of AMBER Alert out of Reagan National Airport found

Girl at center of AMBER Alert out of Reagan National Airport found

A 12-year-old Chinese girl who went missing from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport has been found safe.

JinJing Ma was last seen at about 8:15 a.m Thursday.

Huchler said the girl was approached earlier by two individuals as her tour group visited the World Trade Center in NY.

She disappeared with an unidentified, middle-aged Asian woman, who helped her change clothes. Police were searching for the girl and said she was abducted from a Washington-area airport. Ma was last seen leaving the airport on Thursday.

Police believe the child and her suspected abductor left the airport in a white Infinity SUV with NY plates.

At the news conference Friday, Huchler said the girl was approached by a couple while sightseeing with the tour group at the World Trade Center, and authorities believe that encounter may be related to her disappearance.

Around 3 p.m., the organization tweeted that, "12-year-old JinJing Ma missing from @reagan_airport in Arlington, #Virgina has been found safe!" She has medium black hair and brown eyes. Police issued an Amber Alert later Thursday afternoon. They say she received her passport just prior to checking in at the airport and then left her group.

A witness told police that he may have seen the girl and her abductor in New York City. They weren't able to say whether the couple matched the description of the suspects, but they believed the two events are connected.

Ma had arrived in the USA with a Chinese tour group on July 26, and had been sightseeing and looking at schools, authorities told The Washington Post.

"She needs our assistance, until we can determine otherwise", Huchler said.

Since the girl is in the USA on a visa issued for a tour group trip she was traveling with, there is no immediate rush to send her back to China, according to Demichik. Efforts to reach Ma's grandfather in China have so far been unsuccessful, Huchler said.

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