Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
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Video captures fear and chaos as Aeromexico plane crashed

Video captures fear and chaos as Aeromexico plane crashed

The plane had taken off from Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango and was on its way to Mexico City. I felt every, every little bump, to be honest with you.

Ramin Parsa, a Chicago resident and passenger aboard flight AM2431, was recording out the window in the passenger cabin then the plane slammed into the ground Tuesday. "I got out and started pulling people out".

Although rare, extremely violent and localised gusts can cause problems for even the most modern plane during takeoff and landing, when planes are most vulnerable to sudden weather changes. "People die when planes crash".

Governor Jose Rosas Aispuro wrote on Twitter that there were no official figures on deaths or injuries yet, but TeleSUR's correspondent in Mexico Eduardo Martinez said local media is reporting at least 80 wounded. Time-lapse video shows an intense storm sweeping across Durango around the time of the crash.

Rivera said she was shocked that the plane took off at all.

Red Cross workers and rescue workers carry an injured person on a stretcher, right, as airline workers, left, walk away from the site where an Aeromexico airliner crashed in a field near the airport in Durango, Mexico. The aircraft was carrying 101 people on board, including 97 passengers and 4 crew members.

Survivors are being transported to area hospitals, a spokesperson for Durango Civil Protection told reporters.

"The fire began to spread everywhere, and the smoke was billowing out of everything". "It was pretty dark, it was muddy, there were rocks everywhere". Of those, 49 people were hospitalised, including the pilot and a passenger who are in a critical but stable condition.

Filing behind fellow travelers, they made their way toward the rear as the aircraft filled with black smoke, unable to take the emergency exits at the middle of the plane near the smoldering wing.

Flight number 2431 was an Embraer 190 bound for Mexico City when it crashed, Aeromexico said on Twitter.

Embraer also said that it had sent technicians to the crash site and that the aerospace company "stands ready to support the investigating authorities". There are no official figures on injured or deceased.

"We report the crash of an @Aeromexico plane in Durango, Mexico". He remained hospitalized Wednesday.

Sanchez said he needs surgery to fix his broken arm, and jokes that once it's done, he will be the bionic priest.

Some on the ground are calling it a miracle.

"I had a tequila and like a big, big, big burger", the 35-year-old web developer told As It Happens guest host Piya Chattopadhyay. "If the plane was [going] any faster, the plane would have flipped".

Many are rejoicing for what could have been a story with a very different ending. "We didn't lose anyone".

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