Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

HTC To Launch ‘Exodus’ Blockchain Smartphone This Fall

HTC To Launch ‘Exodus’ Blockchain Smartphone This Fall

After announcing a fall in sales of nearly 70% last week, HTC has taken the surprising step of announcing that it will launch a blockchain-powered smartphone called the Exodus in Q3 of 2018.

The Exodus smartphone will be equipped with a cold storage wallet to keep cryptocurrencies offline and safe from cyberattacks, and support decentralized apps, the company said.

In May this year HTC announced the HTC Exodus, the world's first blockchain powered smart phone with little detail.

In this most recent announcement, HTC gave more details in regard to the Exodus Blockchain smartphone, clearing the air around this hot topic.

Saying that it will make decentralization a reality, HTC bragged in a corporate web post that "we believe we can help reshape the internet with the HTC Exodus".

CryptoKitties, meanwhile, is an attempt to use blockchain technology for fun; the very popular game allows players to purchase, collect, breed and sell various types of virtual cats. Speaking to The Verge, Chen said that the phone's price will be confirmed in the third quarter of 2018 while it will be released in the market by the end of this year.

In the new internet age people are generally more conscious about their data, this a ideal opportunity to empower the user to start owning their digital identity. It remains to be seen exactly how the connection to the rest of the system, which of course also has online access in the HTC Exodus, will look.

The company has launched a website for its Exodus smartphone, which is now accepting sign-ups for updates and more information on the device.

HTC is not the first phone maker to announce a blockchain-based device.

Although the U12+ is not a blockchain-specific smartphone, the company would make CryptoKitties available to users of its flagship device via a downloadable app, which would not be available in other major Android app stores, the company said.

Since the Phone is based on blockchain so the main aspect comes here is where the Customer can safely guard their Crypto-Currency i.e, BitCoins, Etherium or any other in the Phone rather than relying on any cloud-based Platform.

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