Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
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Elderly woman mistakenly steals vehicle, drives it for 2 weeks

Elderly woman mistakenly steals vehicle, drives it for 2 weeks

The woman accidentally stole his auto after driving to Walmart right after picking up her rental Nissan Sentra from the local Enterprise Rental vehicle.

He said the woman - who won't face any charges - was a "bit embarrassed" but shrugged it off, and the man whose auto was stolen "had a good chuckle".

When the dots got connected in his mind, the manager drove the woman to the Walmart where her rented Nissan was still parked and called the police.

"The Infinity came back as stolen on police systems as reported in June and ... both the auto rental company and the Infiniti owner retrieved their vehicles and there was a happy, and amusing ending to this story".

Cornwall Constable Tommy McKay told the CBC: "My initial thought was, 'I'm going to have to find out where she got this vehicle from, or my God, how am I going to put cuffs on this elderly female'". Since the rental auto used the same system she was none the wiser to the mixup and drove off on her merry way. The woman then pushed the start button and drove home, said Cornwall police which later received a report about a black Nissan Infinity being stolen from the same parking lot. So the woman managed to start the auto and leave, not noticing the trick.

"Shortly thereafter she exited, walked over to the area where she had parked her vehicle, saw a shiny black vehicle, hopped in it and drove away", he said. She informed the manager that she wasn't entirely happy with the vehicle.

The woman realised the error only when she attempted to return the vehicle to the rental company last weekend. "The woman was not impressed and handed over the keys". Each vehicle was returned to its rightful owner.

A woman in Ontario accidentally stole a auto mistaking it for her rental vehicle and drove it around for two weeks before she realised the error. And she didn't realize her mistake for another two weeks.

Police described the incident as a "happy ending to a complicated vehicle rental" and warned drivers over electronic key fobs.

The manager brought the woman back to Walmart where the Nissan was still parked.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the Cornwall Community Police Service warned motorists to never leave key fobs in cars when not in use.

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