Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
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Donald Trump protests held in Wales during United Kingdom visit

Donald Trump protests held in Wales during United Kingdom visit

A blimp depicting Donald Trump as an orange, snarling nappy-wearing baby flew outside the British parliament in London on Friday, launched by critics of the USA president who are demonstrating throughout his visit to the country.

"The idea that we restrict freedom of speech, the right to assemble, the right to protest because somebody might be offended is a slippery slope", he told BBC radio, adding that a protest to welcome Trump was also planned.

Chancellor Philip Hammond was more optimistic, saying the USA president had been "nodding furiously" while Mrs May was speaking during Thursday night's dinner with Blenheim Palace and had yet to talk to her about the plans, which were published on Thursday in a White Paper.

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive at Stansted Airport, U.K., July 12 2018. Khan refused to block the Trump baby balloon.

Labour Party legislator Paul Flynn, who has criticized Mr. Trump in Parliament, says the US leader has outraged Britons - and people around the world - with his harsh treatment of immigrants.

"The US has always stood by our side as a beacon for tolerance, openness and respect".

Another Eurosceptic Conservative MP, Nigel Evans, told the BBC the United States president "loves our country".

As Trump is expected to discuss a possible post-Brexit trade deal and other global issues with May, organizers of Friday's demonstrations say there is no shortage of issues that will inspire mass numbers of people to attend.

He said Britain was "a pretty hot spot right now with a lot of resignations".

After his meetings in and around London, Trump will fly north for a round of golf at his Turnberry resort in Scotland.

"A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend".

A march in support of Trump will start at the US Embassy on the south bank of the River Thames and end near the prime minister's residence at Downing Street on Saturday. She wants to offer him a warm welcome besides.

Soon after she published her controversial Brexit White Paper which has divided MPs within her own Conservative Party, May sought to win over the United States president after the Britain exits from the European Union in 2019.

Mr. Trump angered May and many Britons by tweeting inflammatory and unverified videos made by Britain First, an anti-Muslim group whose leaders have been convicted of hate crimes, and by characterizing parts of London and other cities as no-go areas because of a purported Muslim-related crime wave.

But the sheer showmanship of the Trump baby has captured the public imagination.

According to Murray, the 20-foot-high image of diapered Trump clutching a phone in his tiny hands is supposed to be seen as, "Not a protest against America or Americans".

"Give us your tired and your oppressed and we'll divide you from your children", he said mockingly of Mr. Trump's policies. "You can't reason with him but you can ridicule him".

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