Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Wimbledon won't budge on World Cup final clash

Wimbledon won't budge on World Cup final clash

The organisers of Wimbledon are standing their ground though as it has been revealed that the men's singles final will go ahead at the traditional time of 2.00pm (BST), despite the World Cup final taking place a couple of hours later at 4pm (BST).

Mr Lewis added: "If people are not affecting other people's enjoyment of the tennis, which they weren't if they had it on silent or were listening through an earphone or something, then that's fine".

In a concession to the World Cup mania that's sweeping England now that its national team has reached the semifinals for the first time in 28 years, Wimbledon is loosening its ban on the use of mobile phones in the stands.

Last Saturday, fans deserted Centre Court immediately after Rafael Nadal booked his place in the second week of the championships as England were playing Sweden in the World Cup quarter-finals.

Should England reach the final, tennis fans will be even more torn-the World Cup final is scheduled for the middle of the Wimbledon men's singles final.

Wimbledon officials are refusing to show any games from the World Cup on the All England Club's big screen, Reuters report, despite clashes between the championship's matches and England's games in Russian Federation.

The FIFA 2018 World Cup has shaped up to be one of the greatest sporting fiasco's in the last decade or so, and with the likes of Germany, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, and Argentina knocked out of the tournament in the early stages, it will be interesting to see who lifts the trophy from the last four - England, France, Belgium, and Croatia.

"I was out and about around the grounds and you could tell when England had was wonderful".

"And I thought that went really well".

He continued: "We are a sold-out event and there's massive interest".

The timing of the World Cup final on Sunday afternoon is causing consternation around the country as various sports, both professional and amateur, contemplate whether to reschedule their events.

"They'll hear every point: 'Wow, love-15, 15-30'".

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