Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4's optional keyboard cover and stylus exposed

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4's optional keyboard cover and stylus exposed

Of course, it's a good idea to take any leak and rumor with a pinch of salt, but we can't deny the fact that multiple sources are saying the same thing over and over - the Note 9 will look pretty similar, if not nearly identical, to the Galaxy Note 8. That might work for Apple since it doesn't have any competition, but there are plenty of other Android phones to choose from. In fact, it's seemingly identical to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The more likely scenario is that we'll see the Tab S4 announced at IFA in Berlin, but at this stage of the game we're betting we'll be surprised by Samsung.

A fingerprint reader on the back seems the most logical, but there's also rumors Samsung might embed the fingerprint reader underneath the screen.

Interestingly, the biggest remaining questions surrounding the Galaxy S10 pertain to the phone's design.

Details include a large screen with slim bezels at the top and bottom, a single key (likely the power button) on the right edge and two buttons (probably the volume rocker and Bixby button) on the left, just like on the Note 8.

The phone will also reportedly have a 5.8 inch display and the Galaxy S10 Plus will have a 6.2 inch display.

A Korean news site called The Bell and Ice Universe have referred to the alleged new S10s as Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. Below the horizontal dual-lens camera setup sits the fingerprint sensor, which was placed on the side of the Note 8. This is the same strategy Apple is using with its 2018 iPhone lineup.

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