Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Netflix Launches Smart Downloads Feature, Coming Soon to iOS

Netflix Launches Smart Downloads Feature, Coming Soon to iOS

It also doesn't yet work with movies as Netflix isn't smart enough to figure out which flick you want to watch next (although logically, it could be employed on a limited basis for films with sequels).

Netflix was reluctant to add offline download support to their mobile application. All this happens automatically and over Wi-Fi to keep data usage in check.

As Netflix tells it in their handy video explainer, this takes away the need to do not forget to download new episodes and delete the old ones. Netflix is introducing the "Smart Download" feature, which should serve to make binge-watching TV shows via download a much more seamless process. For now, Smart Downloads will be Android-only and only includes items of the series variety.

The feature is part of an update to Netflix's Android mobile app this week. This changed back in 2016, though, when the developers finally added the feature to their Android and iOS devices worldwide.

The new Smart Downloads feature is now only available on the Android version of Netflix. When they're through, they'll delete the episodes to make space on their devices and download a few more. This way, it won't be using up your phone's storage and you will be able to continue watching your show when you don't have internet. It's also an optional feature - you can turn it off in the app settings, if you want. The feature will then automatically download the next episode, so users won't have to do it themselves.

This works even if you have more than one episode downloaded, as well.

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