Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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Will Elon Musk’s ‘kid submarine’ be used in Thai rescue?

Will Elon Musk’s ‘kid submarine’ be used in Thai rescue?

Mr Narongsak allayed concerns that recent heavy rain might have raised water levels, saying conditions were "as good as yesterday" "We should hear good news again", he added.

Officials last week said they would bring the fittest people in the group out first, but Narongsak later said that whoever was ready first would be escorted out. One local official told Fox News on Monday that they are hoping to finish the job in three days, suggesting that they may plan to extract the remaining trapped boys and their coach on Tuesday, which may allow time for rescuers to test out Musk's invention.

Avery said the boys were now recovering in hospital and haven't yet had any contact with their parents.

He was taken by helicopter and then ambulance to the hospital in Chiang Rai were the first four boys, who were rescued on Sunday, are now being held in quarantine as they undergo tests.

Divers from Thailand and overseas, including the United States, China, Europe, and Australia have helped retrieve the boys, who are between the ages of 11-16.

Thai Navy Sgt. Saman Kunan, an ex-SEAL, died Friday from a lack of oxygen as he attempted to place air tanks inside the cave complex. "We know that bats can transmit many different infectious diseases, including things like rabies". He said those conditions will not last if the rain resumes.

All preparations, including replacing the oxygen cylinders positioned along the route out in the cave, take at least 20 hours, he said.

The rescued boys are being kept in sterilized isolation units at a nearby hospital, which prohibits physical contact, and their parents have not been told they're safe. Channel News Asia has also reported seeing ambulances carrying the sixth and seventh boys arriving at Chiang Rai hospital.

The first stage of the mission ran "smoothly" and the rescued boys were in "good health", according to the Thai authorities.

The Thai rescue team members walk inside a cave where 12 boys and their soccer coach have been trapped since June 23.

Last week, Musk sent engineers from two of his companies, SpaceX and Boring Co., to assist Thai officials in the rescue effort, which comprises a large team of worldwide diving, engineering and medical experts, among other professionals.

"We have caves here in the Midwest that are equally risky, I would have to say, to the ones that are found in Thailand".

He said he sent a small submarine to Thailand; it is expected to arrive Monday night local time. The message, like most posted by the SEALs, ended with the fighting cheer adopted from the US Navy: Hooyah.

Another and perhaps more worrying concern was that oxygen levels in the complex were falling close to risky levels.

The Thai authorities have refused to name any of the rescued boys until all of them are out.

"Rescue chief Narongsak Osottanakorn refused to rule out 25-year-old Ekaphol Chantawong being left inside the cave if the four remaining pupils are rescued today, because the divers" system of taking that many at a time was working well. Previously, round trips through the cave network would take about 11 hours.

The safety of the divers, who have meticulously planned the mission, is also paramount.

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