Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Lewis Hamilton says his post-race British GP remark was 'dumb'

Lewis Hamilton says his post-race British GP remark was 'dumb'

It was a scintillating race in the sunny afternoon at Silverstone on Sunday and the drama did not stop even after its conclusion, with Sebastian Vettel securing victory at the British Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari collided with the Mercedes of Hamilton on the first lap, which caused the Briton's vehicle to spin before rejoining the race in last place. Hamilton dropped to the back of the field, forcing an eventful climb up to second before the chequered flag.

Raikkonen offered an apology post-race while Hamilton made an insinuating comment regarding Ferrari's tactics, which both Vettel and Raikkonen brushed off.

Hamilton, his Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and the team's non-executive chairman Nikki Lauda all suggested that Ferrari's crashes with their team's cars might be more than just unlucky "racing incidents".

"The first thing is that both drivers had the same call to do the opposite [to Ferrari]".

"When something like that happens, there's going to be speculation but to me it just looked like a racing accident", he said.

Hamilton's body language as he kept away from Raikkonen in the pre-podium room and during the champagne spraying told its own story.

"Honestly, to get back to second it's huge for us and I will definitely take it, of course, and I'm happy with the drive that I did".

He expanded further in the post race press conference, where race victor Sebastian Vettel sat between him and Raikkonen.

"My team did an unbelievable job this weekend", Hamilton said on the podium.

"It is a lot of constructor points".

Mercedes were left smarting by Ferrari's antics at Silverstone with James Alison questioning whether it was "deliberate or incompetence".

Bottas inherited the lead of the race at Silverstone after Mercedes opted to not pit either of its drivers under the Safety Car while race leader Vettel stopped for fresh soft tyres.

"First of all, it was wrong when they gave Vettel five seconds. The stewards realised what's going on here".

Hamilton now falls to eight points behind championship leader Sebastian Vettel with 10 races remaining.

Vettel shrugged off the accusations.

"I will feel it a little bit tonight". Magnussen lost a place to Alonso on the final lap, finishing the race ninth.

"Obviously we're in a tough battle this year and it's the most intense battle that I think we've probably all had but I'm very, very grateful that the auto was still in one piece after the first turn three incident".

The British driver was on pole on Sunday and made a poor start before his brush with Raikkonen who apologised and accepted the blame.

"I had to go over the limit to get that time out of the auto, which is risky", Hamilton said, still shaking a little, adding it was his "most pressurised" lap ever. "Not a straightforward race", said the Finn, who said he deserved the punishment.

"It was my mistake, so that's fine". That is how it goes. But it is what it is and we just need to learn, understand and just try to get in control of the tyres in the best possible way.

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