Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
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Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

Veteran Tory Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash told Sky News "there is a lot of unhappiness" with MPs asking: "Is this going to be a proper Brexit?".

With nine months before Britain leaves and just over three before the European Union says it wants a deal, May has been under intense pressure from the bloc and from many businesses to show her negotiating position.

An analysis of the Chequers statement circulating within the ERG was damning about the plans, a Brexiteer source said.

There would be "a complete end to freedom of movement", the "supremacy of British courts" would be restored, no more "vast sums of money" would be sent to Brussels.

"May's Brexit means BRINO - "Brexit In Name Only" - a fake Brexit", John Longworth said. "This is the right Brexit".

The plans agreed at Chequers would create a new UK-EU free trade area for goods, with a "common rulebook".

But former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith told the Sunday Telegraph the Chequers plan appeared to amount to "continued membership" of the customs union and single market for goods despite the Prime Minister's promise to leave both. He is said to have warned colleagues it could be a "serious inhibitor to free trade" and striking deals with other countries.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson meanwhile let it be known that he planned to stay in the Cabinet because he felt this would be the best platform from which to fight moves to soften the government's position further.

She earlier faced her critics at a packed meeting of backbench Conservative MPs, many of whom share Mr Johnson's concerns about her Brexit stance.

The plan would ensure "no hard border" between Northern Ireland and Ireland and would create a United Kingdom "parliamentary lock" on new rules.

"We must be open-eyed about the actions of hostile states like Russian Federation who threaten the potential growth of the Eastern Neighbourhood and who try to tear our collective strength apart". "And one of the things about politics is that you mustn't, you shouldn't make the ideal the enemy of the good".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May talk to the press during a meeting in Berlin.

"I'm pretty confident we will end up with a concrete position which everybody is able to sign up to", said Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington, hours before the meeting.

Media captionMP says the Cabinet needs to learn from England and pull together as a team.

Taking aim at eurosceptic ministers, he said: "No resignations means that the so-called Brexiteers in cabinet don't have a principle between them". She refused to rule out offering European Union citizens some form of special status as part of a proposed new "mobility framework". Airbus and BMW also issued dire warnings. His departure has the potential to derail the government and even set in motion a chain of events that could lead to an attempt to oust the prime minister.

She will tell MPs it was "the Brexit that is in our national interest" and "will deliver on the democratic decision of the British people".

The suggestion drew scoffs and jeers from several Tory MPs, with Mrs May responding: "Although I recognise the good intentions with which she asked that question I suspect it didn't quite receive the full approval of the entire House". "If she sticks with this, I will have no confidence in her". We are now pursuing a fragile "least worst" option.

A source close to Mr Johnson said that the only people who would be pleased if he stepped down would be European Union commission president Jean Claude Juncker, German chancellor Angela Merkel and European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

"This has got fudge written all over it", he told Andrew Marr.

As well as potentially hard talks ahead with Brussels, Mrs May also faces the task of winning over Eurosceptic backbenchers.

But some business leaders say the plan would bring badly needed clarity to the muddled Brexit talks with the EU.

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